Why tax and legal explorer

Taxandlegalexplorer.com aims to help you to choose an advisor for delving into new markets and supporting the growth of your business abroad.
Thanks to the site's filters, you can choose between tax & accounting, legal and multidisciplinary consulting companies specialised in cross-border work.

Selecting your area of interest and the town, you can search for accountants, tax advisors and lawyers in the given area.
You can contact one or more selected companies to request a quotation in a quick and easy way.

The Golden Selection

Tax and Legal Explorer likely represents the first database in the world, in terms of number and quality of contacts, including just the provider capable of responding to the needs of any company looking for solutions in the accounting, tax, and legal fields. This collection stems from an in-depth study and analysis of the top 50 networks operating worldwide in accounting, tax, and legal matters. These networks and alliances have the advantage of carrying out very thorough due diligence (moral, economic, and professional) before welcoming a new consultancy company as one of their partners.

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