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Welcome to Tax & Legal Explorer, a database that curates a selection of over 2700 of the best professional firms from 104 countries, whom we provide easy reference and access to, so you can send multiple requests at once to receive offers for fulfilling your business needs.

Why Tax & Legal Explorer?

"We have been operating in the world of accounting, tax, and legal advice for over 25 years.
On the strength of this experience, we realized how difficult it is sometimes to identify reliable professionals to turn to in foreign markets.
That’s why we created Tax & Legal Explorer, a database of the best consulting firms in the world, or as we like to call it: "The Golden Selection". Dive in for the start of a successful journey, wherever your business takes you!"

A. Farina, ITL Group

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The Golden Selection

Tax and Legal Explorer likely represents the first database in the world, in terms of number and quality of contacts, including just the provider capable of responding to the needs of any company looking for solutions in the accounting, tax, and legal fields. This collection stems from an in-depth study and analysis of the top 50 networks operating worldwide in accounting, tax, and legal matters. These networks and alliances have the advantage of carrying out very thorough due diligence (moral, economic, and professional) before welcoming a new consultancy company as one of their partners.

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